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23rd March 2020

It felt like it was a matter of time but following the governments orders as of 20:30 this evening, Monday 23rd March, all golf lessons will be on hold under further notice.

If you missed the message from the prime minister, he outlined the following rules,

Leave home only for:

  • Shopping or basic necessities
  • One form of exercise a day
  • Any medical need/care for vulnerable person
  • Travelling to and from work, only if absolutely necessary.

Although it is absolutely necessary for me to travel to work, unfortunately it's not necessary for you to come for a golf lesson (even if you tried to pass it as exercise).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support in the lead up to this partial shut down.  I hope we can get through this terrible time sooner rather than later and get back to normality before we lose the entire spring and summer - It's sods law that as soon as the sun comes out, we're stuck in!

I will of course keep you'll updated as the situation changes.

Many thanks

20th March 2020

Following the news today that all pubs, bars, clubs and leisure centres MUST close for business, I can confirm that this doesn't include golf courses meaning I am still here for you!  The clubhouse will remain shut but the driving range and practice facilities will be open.

Please note the following conditions for golf lessons:

One to one lessons

Running as normal: Social distancing will be enforced where possible and with contamination at a much lower rate one on one than in a group situation, I see no problem with continuing as normal and with precessions in place.  Hand sanitiser and antibacterial products are available and as previously stated all door handles and equipment will be cleaned regularly.

Junior Academy & Ladies Academy

All sessions to be reduced to 1 hour rather than 1 1/2 Hours to reduce social contact time.  We will work in groups of no more than 4 at a time meaning we may split groups between the short game area and range to limit contact time.

Groups & Clinics postponed

Two events upcoming: Ladies event on 26th March and the Short Game clinic on 3rd April will both be postponed to a later date.  Please wait for details of new dates.

17th March 2020

I feel the need to reach out to all my students as the coronavirus strikes fear into the general public and make you aware that it is safe for you to attend golf lessons.  In fact being outside in the fresh air is probably the best place you could be at this point in time!
I would like to ensure all my students that to my knowledge I have not come into contact with anyone showing any symptoms of COVID-19, nor have I travelled outside the country in the past weeks/months.  
When coming for your golf lessons, to ensure the safety of us all I ask that you wash your hands before and after your lesson. I too will be doing my part by making sure that surfaces are cleaned with antibacterial wipes as well as any equipment that is used during our lessons.  I will also have antibacterial spray on hand if required.

If you aren't happy about being in the studio then why not change it up for a short game lesson outside.  We do not have to stop, we just have to be careful and take precautions.
With the daily government updates, the situation regarding any form of 'lock down' may change the situation but for now lets keep going, be sensible and try to maintain some normality to ensure our sanity!

Thank you for your continued support


About me

My journey into golf began at the age of around 10.  I used to walk the golf course with my dad when he walked our dog on the public footpath through Botley Park Golf Club near Southampton.  I was curious watching the golfers as we walked by and wanted to give it a go. I started trying golf at the driving range with my dad and my love for the game had begun.

When I started secondary school I discovered new friends that played golf so we arranged to have a game at a local short golf course to us.  It has a par of 62 or so and it wasn’t long before I started winning competitions, reducing my handicap and by the age of 14 I shot my first round of level par.

I left school and immediately  started working full time at The County Golf Club, now known as Boundary Lakes where I continued my development in the game representing Hampshire from u16’s to colts u21’s.  I then decided to turn professional at 21.  I began my PGA Degree through the University of Birmingham graduating in 2008 as a fully qualified PGA Professional.

At 24 I landed my first Head Professional job at Worldham Golf Club where I spent 5 ½ great years.  This job propelled my teaching career as there was a busy driving rage at the club and lots of lessons.  As I was the only pro I had all the teaching I wanted.  This was new to me and I didn’t have great experience coaching so I figured I should learn some more about teaching and the golf swing.  I travelled to the USA and through Europe learning from some of the best in the world, taking golf teaching certifications before coming home and applying these theories to my lessons – my players starting really improving and so my passion for teaching was ignited.

In 2011 I met Jim Hardy and Chris O’Connell from Plane Truth Golf.  Jim, a Hall of Fame Instructor along with Chris have worked with multiple PGA TOUR and Major Champions and the information I gained through their teaching certifications was invaluable.  You can read more about this in my Teaching Philosophy.  I am proud to be associated with The Plane Truth and Jim and Chris have been very kind in their recommendations of me as a teacher.

To the present day I continue to have success with all students based on the Plane Truth’s information and I can only see this continuing as I strive to make myself a better coach every day.

Chris O'Connell

“Adam is one of the brightest young instructors in the world of golf”

Chris O’Connell PGA TOUR Instructor

Jim Hardy

“His information is terrific and his ability to communicate it is wonderful”

Jim Hardy PGA TOUR Hall of Fame Instructor

“I would recommend any golfer wanting to improve to seek Adam’s experience”

Malcolm Mackenzie – European Tour Winner

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Brilliant coach. Improved my game a lot and have only had a few lessons. Greatly recommend
John Hughes
John Hughes
18:14 05 Feb 20
Excellent and able - Adam helped me gain 20 yds on a smoother swing. Striking irons hot now and the game has become a joy! Well worth it! Highly Recommended.
Andy Barton
Andy Barton
17:10 05 Feb 20
I’ve really enjoyed my ongoing sessions with Adam. Adam took time to understand my game and swing before introducing small adjustments culminating in a new swing with much better performance (Accuracy and yardage). I’m currently playing my best golf and only wish I had taken lessons with Adam sooner! Great instructor approaching every session with patience and professionalism. Highly recommended.
Robert Faulkner
Robert Faulkner
14:26 05 Feb 20
I was looking to get back into golf after 20 years absence (apart from a once a year outing that resulted in me wishing I hadn't bothered). Clearly rusty and out of practice, I was all too often topping the ball and hooking it. One assessment lesson with Adam and he corrected my swing. I will now start practicing the altered swing and will definitely be having some more lessons with Adam as I look to bring my game back on line.
Paul Bettin
Paul Bettin
14:06 05 Feb 20
I had a 9 hole playing lesson with Adam in September. Since then I have played in two club medals, coming second in the first and winning the next. My handicap has dropped 3 shots in two rounds. I had been struggling with my game for months and Adam just pointed out some very simple faults which I was able to fix immediately. The changes I made were small but it just needed someone with a great eye to point them out to me. Adam has a great easy manner and was able to keep things simple and easy to understand/remember. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Adam as an instructor. I had a truly memorable lesson and it has transformed my game to the extend where I have shot my 3 best ever rounds since our meeting.
Matthew Jenkins
Matthew Jenkins
08:50 22 Oct 18
I can’t praise Adam highly enough for the 9 hole course tuition he game me today. Both personable and professional, Adam’s advice and guidance was just what I needed as I seek to improve my game. He offered some sound advice around my set-up and swing as well as some excellent tips around course management. I Look forward to putting the advice in to practice!
Paul Byrne
Paul Byrne
19:46 14 Sep 18
Adam made huge improvements to my swing last year. Adam showed me online on a large monitor, this really helped me understand at what part I was going wrong. Very beneficial, I’m booking lessons again throughout this summer for further improvement. Would recommend
Luke Smith
Luke Smith
05:11 29 Mar 18
I've received golf lessons and tips from some of the best in the game over the years. Some have been great, some not so much but Adam is right up there with the best. There is a real clarity to his teaching and his calm and patient manner helps get the important messages across. I'm still not going to win The Open but I AM enjoying the old game more than I have for some considerable time.
Bill Elliott
Bill Elliott
08:09 24 Mar 18
I have had lessons with Adam over the last year and can honestly say that he has boosted my confidence with my golf swing enormously. He focuses on just a couple of aspects in order not to overload with detail and using video techniques is able to illustrate corrections easily. He is very patient and encouraging which makes me want to get back on the course after every lesson.
Rachel Richards
Rachel Richards
07:19 24 Mar 18
Had lessons with Adam from day one , clear explanations of each exercise given with homework to back it up . I never leave feeling unsure of what I need to do and actually can't wait to get back out on the course or driving range to put it into practice . So far it has all paid off as within my 7 years of playing I have been lady champion twice , the first time was in my 3rd year. I feel I have been very fortunate to have started with Adam and his tuition is second to none . He helps me plan my targets for each year so hopefully we will fulfil this year's which is to get down to single figures . Adam is also amazing on the mental side of the game and finds ways of dealing with the ups and downs of the game .
lorna paterson
lorna paterson
21:38 23 Mar 18
Adam is not only one of the nicest blokes I have ever met but his depth in knowledge on how to take your game to the next level is first class. I can honestly say that my game has improved 100%. If you are serious about taking your game to the next level then don’t not think twice about calling Adam and you will not regret it!
Louis Parkes
Louis Parkes
21:06 21 Mar 18
Adam helped me through a course of lessons a couple of years ago to help me learn drills to keep my swing consistent and repeatable. It was exceptionally helpful - from initially using video to show why I needed to change my swing plane, through to the drills to maintain it. All I need to do now is to play more golf!
Alasdair McKenzie
Alasdair McKenzie
20:38 21 Mar 18
Excellent golf coach! Adam has a really good understanding of swing mechanics and is able to instantly identify what I am doing wrong and what the solution is! He explains concepts in an easy to understand way and I always leave having understood and improved my game. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to quickly improve. Mark - Headley.
The Daunter Family
The Daunter Family
17:31 20 Jan 18
I have had a few lessons with Adam in the last couple of years. He is an excellent teacher. He has a calm and gentle manner and is able to prioritise the points that need addressing, and just focuses on a couple at each session. He listens well to your concerns and is quick to praise improvements. By using the video equipment you can see for yourself how you have improved during the lesson. I highly recommend him.
Sue Playfoot
Sue Playfoot
11:40 08 Jan 18
Adam is a fantastic teacher and has helped me with my golf tremendously. I would recommend anyone who wants to improve their golf to seek his advice.
guy hudson
guy hudson
12:59 04 Jan 18
Adam is a great teacher, he has reduced my handicap from 20 to 16... So I am a very happy customer😏😏😏
Kevin o kane
Kevin o kane
11:49 04 Jan 18
Met Adam several years ago teaching Junior county golf. He was absolutely amazing with the kids. My son thinks Adam is brilliant and Adam now teaches several of his friends. All have improved and all enjoy the lessons. Adam also has dubious pleasure of teaching me, and frankly the fact he's improved my game means he should get 6 stars! Have a lesson he's the best. Thanks Adam!
Jonathan Gardner
Jonathan Gardner
09:23 03 Jan 18


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