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Golf lessons can vary in price depending on the experience and reputation of the golf instructor. It will also depend on the type of golf lesson you want. For golf lesson options and prices with Adam Click Here
The number of golf lessons you need will depend on your goals and ambitions with your game. You may want a single golf lesson for a quick fix, a lesson package to embed some new swing changes or if you’re looking for a long term improvement with your golf game then a more holistic approach can be put in place with a coaching plan. Ultimately it depends how dedicated you are to learning.
We offer golf lessons 7 days a week at all times throughout the day depending on the coach. Adam Harnett is the lead coach and teaches 5 days a week, you can find his schedule here. Paul Creamer also coaches at Blacknest and can be booked on days when Adam isn’t available.
You can wear anything you like as long as you are comfortable to move and swing a golf club. Trainers are fine if you don’t have golf shoes and loose fitting clothing is recommended.
No. If you are a new golfer and do not own golf clubs then we have clubs you can use during your golf lesson. It is ideal that you would have some clubs to use in practice between golf lessons but you can borrow clubs at Blacknest Golf Club’s driving range if not.
Yes. If you want to improve and are willing to practice then you will improve!
We offer one to one junior golf lessons for children along with our weekly junior golf academy with golf camps during the school holidays and half terms.
If you are given the correct information based on your impact and ball flight then absolutely not. Golfers get worse after a lesson for one of two reasons. Either, they have been given the wrong ‘fix’ for their swing shape, impact and ball flight or they have been given the correct information but simply can’t do what they’re are being asked. If it’s the latter you shouldn’t get worse, you just might not get better very quickly. Read My Philosophy for more on how I teach golf.
Children can have one to one junior golf lessons from the age of 8. Our weekly junior golf academy and golf camps welcome children between the ages of 7 and 12.
Yes. We offer a range of golf lesson gift vouchers for all occasions. Click here to see gift voucher options.
Absolutely. So long as you can video your swing from two angles and give a description of your ball flight we can give provide you with the same information about how to improve your golf swing as if you were here with us. We offer online golf lessons to students all around the world.
This depends on many variables. You can develop golf related injuries if you golf swing is not efficient i.e. trying to create power with the wrong segment of your swing. Poor technique in any sport can lead to injury but this is no different to any other sport. A good coach will make sure that your golf swing is not going to injure you based on your technique, mobility, age and other factors.
This depends on the type of golf lesson you are taking. If you are having an initial session then you will be assessed with most of your clubs and asked lots of questions to gain a good understanding of your weak areas to improve. On going lessons will then be making sure you are staying on track and then moving forward with new swing changes. You can expect a diagnosis of your current issues(s) with a plan of what to change to help you move forward.
Absolutely not! If you have the ability to swing the golf club with your current technique, there's no reason why you can't do it better! Of course as we get older our swing may be limited but that doesn't mean it can't improve.