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Swing Studio

The swing studio offers a unique experience to the student providing a private and professional area to improve your game.  Fully enclosed and heated, the studio offers golfers all year round use no matter the weather.

Equipped with Flightscope, all students have the option to see their 3D ball flight with as much info as you can swing a club at!


Flightscope is one of just a few ball and club tracking devices on the current market.  It’s doppler radar technology tracks the golf club through impact giving the coach club data such as swing path, club face angles, club speed, angle of attack, dynamic loft and much more.  The golf ball data is equally as comprehensive measuring ball speed, distances, height, curvature, trajectory, spin rate and axis along with launch and decent angles.

These measurements are extremely useful not only for teaching and custom fitting but also for the student to see the changes in their ball flight.  Flightscope sessions can also be used to measure the yardage gaps between each club. ‘Gapping’ is vital to learn how far each one of your clubs travel through the air, roll and spin.

The Flightscope skills app can also be used to test a golfers ability to hit fairways with long clubs and proximity to the hole with shorter ones.

Short Game Area, Blacknest 18 Hole
& Par 3 Course

The short game area offers a putting and chipping green and green side bunker.  Students can work on all aspects of short game here with a sloped putting green to add a more real experience to practice.

Lessons on the 18 hole parkland course are usually in the shape of assessment sessions to gauge a players current level of ability.  It is also a great way to hone other skills such as pre shot routines, aiming, club selection and course management.

The par 3 course is for the beginner and junior golfer not yet ready for the longer course.  The holes range from 50 – 100 yards so the better player can also make the most of the course for those tricky wedge distances.  The academy members use this course to gain experience, learn rules and develop confidence in a game play  environment.