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What is K Coach?

K Coach is a system of small sensors placed on the torso, pelvis, lead arm and hand to measure your entire movement pattern from address through to impact and follow through.  This system is designed to initially assess the golfers swing and movement giving a better understanding of the swing.

After just one swing, K Coach will give the golfer a full breakdown of

  • Pelvis and torso bend, side bend and rotation

  • Body ranges of motion

  • Kinematic sequence – (How your body moves to create speed and distance)

How can it help my golf?

K Coach can be used with every area of the game from putting to driving.  After assessing the golfers motion Adam can focus on one area at a time to improve. Whether it’s at address, backswing, our downswing/follow through the K Coach system can be programmed to teach you the exact positions you need to feel – no guesswork involved just accurate and consistent movements to instantly change your motion.


One of the best functions of K Coach is the Bio-Feedback setting on the system.  The Bio-Feedback program gives instant feedback to the golfer why way of visual images and audio tones when the golfer find the ‘correct’ position.

With more than 200 training programs available, Bio-Feedback can be used to

  • Find the perfect address position

  • Maintain posture during the swing

  • Create proper hip and shoulder turn

  • Practice impact and follow through position

  • Learn how to hinge/unhinge and release the club for maximum power and distance

…… and much much more!

See it in action – Student training their downswing